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Future-proofing the datacenter with Server Virtualization, Storage Area Networking, and Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2.

A well-established senior living community in the area had contracted with another vendor for IT services. The vendor delivered a poorly designed and configured solution, and the customer was in dire straights. The misconfigured systems ran Novell Open Enterprise Server (OES). These systems ran file, directory, print, e-mail, and network management services. To alleviate the instability of the underlying existing hardware and consolidate the workload, digitalSunrise recommended and implemented a virtualized infrastructure. At first a single server was implemented. This single server ran the workloads of the 2 older systems. Over time, additional Novell and Microsoft workloads were added to this single server. The server had been scaled appropriately with expansion in mind.

The advantages of Storage Area Network (SAN) technology became apparent. A SAN would allow the customer to achieve near 24/7 up-time (very important to a health care organization). Hewlett Packard Enterprise Storageworks P4000 starter SAN was implemented to store Virtual Guest (server) disks. Switches and servers from Hewlett Packard Enterprise were implemented to complete the solution. Half of the SAN was deployed to a hot site. Should the datacenter suffer catastrophic failure, all workloads could be started at the hot site.

Over time, the customer decided that the organization would be better served by a complete Microsoft solution. DigitalSunrise provided server consulting and transition from Novell's services to Microsoft Server 2012 R2 Datacenter. We leveraged Microsoft Office 365 cloud technologies to provide hosted Exchange e-mail and integrated Microsoft Active Directory (AD) with hosted AD at Microsoft to allow single-sign on.

Recently, the customer out grew the original SAN deployment. HPE's P4000 SAN offering is very flexible. If you run out of storage, simply add more SAN systems. Additional storage was added without downtime. Shortly there after existing servers were replaced with newer faster systems, again without downtime. The SAN was upgraded to 10 GB Ethernet, once more without downtime, to facilitate faster disk access for the virtual workloads.

The customer has grown by leaps and bounds since initially consulting with digitalSunrise years ago. They've transitioned to new or different technology multiple times. Every time digitalSunrise has been careful to provide products and services and technology that has insured minimal to no downtime for the customer.

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