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Cloud Technologies

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 offers a host of collaborative features to help you get work done. E-Mail (Exchange Online), calendar, contacts, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and OneNote headline the go-to application line-up. All of these are hosted in the Cloud by Microsoft to ensure availability and stability. All of your data is securely accessible from anywhere via any standards compliant web browser. Apps are available to conveniently access your data from smart phones and tablets. You can also install full blown copies of popular Microsoft Office programs on up to 5 devices. Data can be synchronized from cloud storage to your devices using Microsoft OneDrive. This ensures that you can work even when an Internet connection is not available.

Office 365 applications like Skype allow instant messaging and voice/video communication between your team members. Planner helps you organize people to stay on top of projects. Sway lets you create and share interactive reports, presentations, personal stories, and more. Yammer allows you to post messages to the group or team to let your teammates know what's going on and make sure everyone's on the same page. Delve allows you to see what documents folks have been working on. You can even integrate packages like Microsoft CRM (Customer Relationship Management) into the system to keep work flowing and make sure your customers getting the responses they require. Microsoft is continually improving and adding apps and services to the 365 suite.

Office 365 can be purchased at different levels. a digitalSunrise Sales Expert to find the right package for your needs.

Microsoft Azure

With Microsoft Azure, digitalSunrise can move your entire data center into the Cloud. This eliminates the need for costly server hardware which consumes power, cooling, and maintenance resources. Microsoft's data centers offer resilience, redundancy, scalability, and security that would be difficult or impossible for the small to medium business to duplicate in-house. That means better up-time and less maintenance costs.

Most small businesses have at least one “database” application that is the main tool they use for operation. When this application is off-line, business operations cease or become cumbersome. It makes sense to place this database on the most stable platform possible. DigitalSunrise can leverage the cloud capabilities of Microsoft Azure to keep you running optimally. Should your mission critical application require more computing resources, Azure allow you to scale up to the resources required with a few mouse clicks. With a traditional server hardware infrastructure, customer can count on some down-time while hardware is upgraded.

There are many other ways in which Azure can be utilized to increase your businesses information technology capabilities. a digitalSunrise Sales Expert for more information.

Cloud Backup

There are many solutions to the problem of data backup. They range from the tried and true tape backup of yesteryear to the cloud backup of today. Any good backup solution will account for the storage of historical data of a predetermined age with rotation or duplication of that data off-site. The importance of off-site storage of data become evident when one considers the implications of catastrophe. Should your data center burn to the ground, you'll need to procure new hardware and restore data from your off-site storage. Otherwise, your organization will be starting from scratch in creating customer databases, accounts, contacts, documents and other important files and information. Most information will be lost forever if backup data is not stored off-site and catastrophic failure befalls your organization.

In the past, backup depended heavily on user maintenance. Backups were made to several devices (hard disk or tape) and those devices were rotated off-site. This is still a fine way to do things depending on your requirements. If you have a dependable employee or third party service that takes care of the off-site rotation and verification of backups, this may still work for your organization. However, if you require backup to be stored at a geographically distant location, or you don't have computer savvy employee to maintain the system, this method may be problematic.

Enter the Cloud. Data may be backed up directly to an off-site location and replicated around the world easily using cloud technology. You can also stage your backups to a local device prior to replication to the Cloud. Instantly you have geographically diverse, secure off-site repositories of all your important data. By leveraging a local backup device with cloud replication, routine restoration of data is still fast and efficient.

DigitalSunrise has several solutions to meet your data backup requirements. a Sales Expert for a solution tailored to your needs and budget.