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Scheduled Services


Receive a discounted rate for committing to regularly scheduled visits from a digitalSunrise technician or Systems Engineer.


Does your company have miscellaneous computer and network maintenance that piles up each week? Do you contemplate hiring an in-house IT professional, but it just seems that there isn't enough work to warrant a full time employee? If you were to take on a new IT employee, do you know what skill-set would be required? You can address all of these issues and more by contracting Scheduled Services with digitalSunrise.

When you sign up for Scheduled Services, you commit to having a qualified digitalSunrise Systems Engineer or Service Technician on-site on a regularly scheduled basis. In return, you receive a discount off of the regular labor rate.

Scheduled services is a great way to make sure regular maintenance and visual inspection is performed on your server systems. The digitalSunrise technician can check logs, system health, backups, physical indicators, and environment. We can make sure that backups are being rotated off-site if physical rotation of backup media is required.

You can establish a Tech-do list. While the technician is on a regularly scheduled visit, reference to the tech-do list will point him toward non-routine support items like helping users with support issues.

Scheduled Services from digitalSunrise is a great way to get the hands-on, qualified, experienced, professional support your company needs. It saves you from dealing with costly in-house staffing and the problems associated with training, skill-set, and high turn-over you see in the IT field. a Sales Expert to learn how Scheduled Services can work for you.