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Mission: Keep your business running by providing repair solutions to your computer hardware casualties.

DigitalSunrise knows the impact of computer hardware failures on your organization. In today's world, when your computer system fails, you fail. Teachers can't teach, parole officers can't access the information they need, dentists can't see their x-rays, and retail sales screech to a halt. In essence, your institution is crippled, and you're loosing efficiency, time, money, and customers. That's why we offer the DigitalSunrise Service Center (lovingly referred to internally as "the shop"), a team of highly qualified, certified technicians dedicated to hardware repair. We're here to get your users back up and productive when computer hardware fails.

Common Reasons for engaging the DigitalSunrise Service Center:

  • Cracked display

  • Notebook display no longer works.

  • Missing notebook keys

  • Bad or "missing" hard disk.

  • OS Not Found

  • Audio Problems

  • Virus Scan/Malware removal.

  • Printer Maintenance and Repair

Apple Authorized Service Provider

We exceed the standards set by Apple to offer in-warranty and out-of-warranty service and support for Apple products. We're the only Apple Authorized Service in a 65 mile radius, and the only one capable of handling large quantities of corporate devices for hundreds of miles.

Drop-off, Pick-up and Delivery, or On-Site service.

If you're planning to drop off your product at 1805 Lincoln Way East, Chambersburg, PA you should check out the instructions here

If you'd like your item picked up and/or delivered to your location, that can be arranged for a fee. Call 717-267-1341 for more information.

Maybe you'd like a technician to come on site because your computer is still usable, but is exhibiting problems likely to be related to hardware. For instance, maybe your computer randomly shuts down, or the screen goes black, and you need to reboot several times a day. We can dispatch a technician for what will likely be a 2 call visit. The first call will be to diagnose the problem and get appropriate parts ordered. The second call will be to install the parts. As this is the most time-intensive option, it's also the most expensive.

Bulk Repair Services

If your IT staff is mired in the physical repair of devices like PC's, Apple Mac's, Tablets, and Chromebooks, let our staff alleviate the pressure. Let's get your IT staff back on the projects they were hired to do. We'll deal with the hassle of mending the ever-growing backlog of grounded gear. This service is ideal for large organizations that have hundreds of devices of the same make and model, and maintain an inventory of extra devices to deploy when a device breaks.

How it works:

  1. Gather your broken devices.

  2. Enter them into a spreadsheet like the one below, including your asset tag number, device serial number, device model number, and a problem description.

  3. Bring us your devices in lots of 25 with the filled out spreadsheet. Call 717-709-2935 to let us know you're coming.

What about devices that just are not worth repairing?

In the case that the repair cost is too great to justify performing, you'll only pay the evaluation fee. We'll remove and return any asset tags to you, secure erase any data, and add the device to the "Parts Pool". The parts pool is your own inventory of non-Apple┬╣ parts from failed equipment. This inventory is housed at DigitalSunrise and can be used to fix other systems you send to us for service - saving you money!

¹ It is a violation of Apple policy to use used parts for repairs.


Hi, I'm Paul Landauer, Systems Engineer at DigitalSunrise.

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