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Why Choose DigitalSunrise for Education?


  • DigitalSunrise has been a COSTARS supplier since the programs inception.
  • Ensures you get the best pricing.
  • Schools don't have to engage in the bidding process if they use COSTARS.
  • No competitive bidding reduces the overhead of managing the bid.
  • Easy and Quick pre-negotiated Pennsylvania State pricing.


DigitalSunrise - a division of Sunrise Electronic Distributing Company - has been in business since 1973. We've been providing, installing, and configuring computer systems, datacenters, and networks in schools ever since schools first started purchasing computers.

We've been a proud part of countless success stories, from early business office accounting systems through the present day migration to cloud technology. Integration - making everything work together - is what we do.

Hewlett Packard

HP is the premier manufacturer of secure desktops, notebooks, chromebooks, and printers for education. We welcome K-12 institutions who want to leverage our long-time relationship with HP to achieve outstanding pricing and value on the best IT products and services.

HP Authorized Service Center

DigitalSunrise is one of the only HP Chromebook authorized service centers in the area! Authorized on the following products:
  • HP Mobile
  • HP Workstations
  • HP Desktops
  • HP ChromeBooks
  • HP Printers

Chromebook Mass-Deployment

  • Easy to use appliance.
  • Affordable.
  • Made for K-12.
  • Feature Rich.
  • Must-have for Large Chromebook Deployments.

Servers, networking, security, virtualization, hybrid-cloud... You name it, HP Enterprise has a solution that will keep your back-office core humming. Top-tier engineering and security at the silicon level. From the BIOS to the RAM to the Cloud integration, HPE's solutions are second to none.