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Why HP Enterprise?

The HPE Proliant line of servers ranges from the cost effective, compact, small business focused system to the big iron used in the corporate data center and artificial intelligence. This is perfect for our customers who need to invest in a platform they can grow with.

HPE’s network switches and wireless products also scale from the small business to the enterprise. They offer an enhanced feature set at a very attractive price point. That’s what DigitalSunrise wants for our customers - value.

Especially impressive is HP’s attention to security. Computers and network equipment all run code embedded in the system as firmware or BIOS. New intrusions have been targeting this code. HP has the most secure supply chain, and writes their own code for firmware and BIOS. HP invests more in engineering than the competition. They engineer their own silicon. The other guys are assembling from off-the-shelf parts coming from random places in Asia - Not secure like HP.

From the desktop, to the wiring closet, to the data center - HP is the only company that offers a COMPLETE and SECURE solution.

Servers for the Small Business

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