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  • Easy to Use and Manage
  • Affordable Call Path Pricing
  • Works with your Current Internet Connection
  • Feature Rich
  • Connect Anywhere with your phones


Easy to use. Easy to manage.

Why Choose Hosted VoIP Phones?

We provide you a business-class hosted phone service that runs across your existing high-speed internet connection. You no longer need to purchase expensive phone lines and features from a local carrier. Our reliable cloud based service allows you to connect your phones whether you are in different offices, different buildings, or even different states.

Benefits Included Features Optional Features Phones

Saves you Money

  • No need to purchase the PBX, just select the phones you want to use.
  • No need to purchase phone lines and features from the local phone carrier.
  • All Calls between phones are FREE including Long Distance calls.
  • Save money with Call Path pricing. Call Path Pricing is based on the lines you need, not the number of phones.

Superior Redundancy

  • Protection from fire, storms, vandalism, construc­tion, carrier outages.
  • Even if your internet connection goes down, you still have the peace of mind knowing that your calls can instantly be sent to voicemail, rerouted to anoth­er office, or even mobile devices.

Unsurpassed Value

  • Easily connect multiple offices and home offices
  • Includes over 30 features such as: Voicemail, Caller ID, VM to Email, and much more.
  • Mix and match phones as needed including models from Aastra, Polycom, Panasonic, and various other soft phones.
  • Multiple Call Appearances means you can handle more calls with fewer phones.

Dynamic Growth

  • Add as few as one phone at a time.
  • Easily connect other offices together.
  • Simple to add work-from-home users

Future-Proof Your Investment

  • Avoid costly version updates and patches.
  • Don't worry about "outgrowing" your system.
  • Mix and match different types of phones (even from different manufacturers).

Online Portal

  • Manage all of the features.
  • Setup and edit Speed Dials.
  • Customize buttons on the phones.
  • Review missed calls and much more.

Super! What's included?

Voicemail: Customize personal greetings. Users can listen to, forward, delete, and save each received voice message. During playback, users can fast forward, skip, rewind, or pause messages.

Multi Line Call Waiting and Hold: Answer a call while al­ ready engaged in another call without the need to put the first caller on hold. Callers are automatically placed on hold when you answer a new call or make additional calls.

Music on Hold: Use our standard music choices or upload your own music or marketing information on hold. We can even allow you to rotate the content so that it will start from a different position each time you call.

Call Transfer: Transfer a call to any internal extension, or external phone number. The transfer can be blind, super­ vised or transferred directly to voicemail. You may also use our Busy Lamp Field feature to perform a single button in­ stant transfer.

Conference Calls with Leave Option: Initiate 3-way confer­ ence calls on the fly. Once the call is established, you can drop any member from the call, or leave the call so that the 2 other parties can speak while you are no longer on the call.

Flexible Call Routing: Transfer a call to any internal exten­ sion, or external phone number. The transfer can be blind, supervised or transferred directly to voicemail. You may also use our Busy Lamp Field feature to perform a single button instant transfer.

Speed Dial and Employee Directory: Associate codes to frequently-dialed or hard-to-remember long strings of digits. Users can then use these codes instead of the full numbers to place calls. Employee internal directories can be automatically loaded onto the phone.

Call Park: Hold a call and retrieve it from another station within a group. With our powerful Busy Lamp Field feature, you can have all of the park buttons in the office flash, so that you know there is a call waiting in Park.

Line Status Monitoring: Hold a call and retrieve it from another station within a group. With our powerful Busy Lamp Field fea­ ture, you can have all of the park buttons in the office flash, so that you know there is a call waiting in Park.

Caller ID and Name: Display the name, and callerlD of all in­ bound calls.

End User Portal: Our newly re-designed portal allows you com­ plete control of your call management, routing, reporting, mes­ sage review, and much more. The design is easy to use yet pow­ erful.

Mobile App: Our powerful VoIP mobile app offers state-of-the-art functionality, allowing our customers to perform multiple tasks right from their mobile phones.

Auto Attendant and Dial By Name Directory: Answer calls using a pre-recorded announcement (e.g. press 2 for sales, 3 for ser­ vice 9 for a dial by name directory). Callers may go directly to an extension, dial by first or last name, or go to a group or queue.

What are some optional features?

Awesome stuff you can get for a bit more mulah.

Voicemail to Text Transcription: You may have your voicemail messages automatically translated to text, enabling you to read a message before listening.

Text Messaging: Enable your company phone number to receive and send texts to any cell phone.

Conference Bridge: Use an external number or internal exten­ sion to create a meet-me conference call with user and adminis­ trator pin codes, call screening, call announce, and online man­ agement.

Electronic or Standard Fax Machine Support: Use an external number or internal extension to create a meet-me conference call with user and administrator pin codes, call screening, call an­ nounce, and online management.

Call Center - Queuing of Inbound Calls.

Batch Call Recording Download.

Smart Caller ID.

Smart Caller ID Routing.

Sounds Great! How about some phones!

We've gotcha covered with the best phones from Yealink

Enrich Collaboration, Improve Productivity

Yealink T4S series IP Phones

Yealink’s T4S series is the upgraded IP phone line of Yealink’s former T4 series. Designed for today’s busy executives and managers, the T4S series features an elegant appearance, Optima high-definition audio quality and a remarkable phone experience. Integrating cutting-edge features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, the T4S series enriches business users’ daily collaboration. It also protects business users’ investment with its effortless deployment and broad interoperability with UC platforms and IP PBX systems.

Optima HD Audio

With Yealink’s Optima HD audio technologies, industry-leading acoustic clarity and newly-added support for Opus* to its broad audio codec list, the Yealink T4S guarantees a lifelike collaboration experience. * By supporting Opus, Yealink T4S series delivers better audio quality in both high-bandwidth and poor network conditions, comparing to other wideband or narrowband codecs.

Elegant Industrial Design

The cutting-edge design of the Yealink T4S series includes telephony superiority as well as an elegant appearance. The use of premium materials testifies to its manufacturing excellence.

Remarkable User Experience

The Yealink T4S series delivers excellent stability and performance with its latest advanced components. The phones feature an optimized interface for a smartphone-like user experience. Its rich one-touch soft keys allow for customization, bringing additional convenience and increasing productivity.


Additional Convenience and Flexibility

In addition to the T46S and the T48S, the new T41S and T42S are equipped with a built-in USB port, meaning the entire T4S series supports extended functions such as USB call recording, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for more flexibility and functionalities

Effortless Configuration and Upgrade

The Yealink T4S supports efficient provision and effortless mass deployment with Yealink’s free Redirection and Provisioning Service (RPS). Furthermore, the T4S features a unified firmware and an auto-p template that apply to all phone models (T41S, T42S, T46S and T48S), saving even more time and IT costs for businesses.

Yealink T4S Series Ultra-elegant IP Phone

All Yealink T4S Series phones are equipped with the following:

Feature Detail
HD Voice
  • HD Codec
  • HD Handset
  • HD Speaker
Speakerphone Full-duplex
Wideband Codec Opus*, G.722
Narrowband Codec Opus*, G.711, G.729A/B, G.726, G.723.1
Bluetooth Earphone/headset via Yealink option BT40
USB Recording
Wi-Fi via Yealink option WF40
Call hold/Call transfer/Call forward
3-way Conferencing
Smart Dialing
Remote Phonebook
LDAP Phonebook
Power Saving
Power over Ethernet

Yealink T4S Series differentiating features

SIP - T41S

  • 2.7" 192x64-pixel graphic display
  • 6 SIP Accounts
  • 15 Memory Keys (3 pages of 5)

SIP - T42S

  • 2.7" 192x64-pixel graphic display
  • 12 SIP Accounts
  • 15 Memory Keys (3 pages of 5)
  • Gigabit Ethernet

SIP - T46S

  • 4.3" 480x272-pixel color display
  • 16 SIP Accounts
  • 27 Memory Keys (3 pages of 9)
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Screen Saving
  • Expansion Module

SIP - T48S

  • 7" 800x480-pixel Touch Screen
  • 16 SIP Accounts
  • 27 Memory Keys (3 pages of 9)
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Screen Saving
  • Expansion Module